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Why it is important to know, how different floors types are maintained

One large residence can be anticipated to have a variety of floors. And whilst it can be an effortlessly
negligible part of your residence care, this is a vital step. Dust and grit can act as a corroding abrasive on
tough and gentle surfaces alike. Everyday cleansing and preservation can make the existence and
appearance of your floors in the long term. This helps you avoid repair costs on floor replacement that
could arise due to terrible preservation.
Different floors require special techniques of care, and it’s vital to understand which types of products will
protect the floor as well as clean and polish it.

Floor maintenance

Each kind of floor has to be dealt with in a way recommended for those types of floors because it’s
critical to protect it as well as clean it and you know, different surfaces have different maintenance
requirements. Even floors that have been sealed can be broken or damaged through the incorrect
cleansing merchandise, so make certain to select the right ones.
Normally, the floor should be wiped clean with the best and suggested cleaning solution on a regular
basis, after which thoroughly rinsed. Some flooring, including hardwood floors, might be good for being
dried to prevent water harm.
Auto scrubbers are perfect for stone, vinyl, or concrete flooring. They combine a cleaning solution with
water and use cleaning pads to boost dust, scrub the ground, and rinse it all, all in one.
Listed below are some tips for you:

Ceramic Tile Floors

Some of the characteristics of ceramic tiles are
● Stain Free.
● Scratch Resistance.
● Easy Washing.
● Bacteria Free.
● Fireproof.
So, normally we could use a wet mop and neutral, moderate floor cleaner for cleaning. The floor also
required frequent brushing and sweeping to maintain the grout easily. Using the right sort of sealer is
critical to save you from discoloration and the durability of the floor.

Stone Floors

Remembering some of the characteristics of Stone floor tiles will help you to maintain, those are:

● Moisture Resistant
● Easy to Clean.
● Excellent Heat Conductor.
● Durable.
● Allergen-Resistant.
Commercial buildings may want to have various types of stone flooring: marble and granite are only a few.
Every form of stone has to be maintained in its way. Marble floor protection calls for everyday deep
cleans every 6 months or so, as its porous surface is without difficulty stained. Stone floors could be
maintained using a wet mop with pH-neutral cleaning material.

Wood Floors

Though wood floors are costly but need more careful maintenance than others. Below are the
some of the points will be helpful to maintain wood floors
● Vulnerable to water
● Bad for Bathrooms
● Bad for Laundry rooms
● Bad for Kitchen
● Often need maintenance
Wood floors require a lot of maintenance than other types of flooring. A wooden floor has to be dealt with
polyurethane before being uncovered to water. Even the smallest of spills must be wiped straight away
with a cloth. Though hardwood floors have multiple sanding options, it’s not scratch resistant. Usually,
plenty of manual renovation is needed for wood floorings. Using a microfibre mop and an appropriate wood-friendly cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer would be a good solution.

Vinyl Floors

● vulnerable to scratching and gouging.
● no way to refinish.
● Use chemicals.
● Waterproof and stain-proof
It is good to start cleaning vinyl floors by choosing free dust. Dirt can cause issues for vinyl. small rocks or
portions of dust which might be stuck on your footwear can be sharp. Over time, they could scratch the
floor, that’s why selecting dust is brilliant to start.
Next is to use your manufacturer’s recommended cleaner. Using a cleaner with a mop be sure not to use
a steam mop or the mop has tough bristles, they can damage your floor. For a vinyl floor, you need
microfiber mop cleaners or towels for manual maintenance.

Wet mop vs auto scrubber

Smaller floors are very easy to clean with wet mops. But water should be changed regularly, otherwise
dirt, bacteria, or bad smell could be spread through mopping.
Generally, auto scrubbers are used for large floors in a quick and cost-effective way.
Systematically and properly maintaining the floor could benefit you in the long run. Your floor will stay
functional and last long. But if you use the wrong or inappropriate cleaning material it could be damaged and
you need to repair it. So knowing your floor is safe for you.


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