Why is the floor sticky after mopping? 

It could occur many times depending on the mopping you have done on the floor. Generally there could be three main reasons why sticky floors occur after wet mopping.

Leftover Stubborn Residue 

Sometimes it is more difficult to remove  special kinds of residue from the floor than others. 

And the residue that has built up over time is definitely more difficult to clean. Kitchen floors are good examples of it. When you cook in the kitchen, grease from the pan can go up in the air and end up on the floor and make it oily .

Improper Cleaning Solution

  • Using the Wrong Floor Cleaning Product:

    Every time Make sure to always clean your floors with the correct cleaning product according to your floor types. Using the appropriate  product on the tiles can do more harm than good. If you have laminate floors, then that means you should use cleaning solutions meant for laminate floors. If you have Porcelain tiles be sure to use the recommended cleaning product. 

  • Too Much Floor Cleaning Product

    : It’s a myth that using more than the recommended amount for cleaning products. Using too much cleaning solution will give you a bad result. You do not have to worry that much because most cleaning agents have measuring cups marked unit with them, so you can always follow the recommended amount.


  • Not Using Fresh Water:

    Whenever you’re mopping, use fresh water. If you continue using dirty water when mopping, you are really transferring the dirt on the area you are cleaning and you end up with messier and stickier floors. 

  • Vacuuming Beforehand:

    Using a vacuum or sweep beforehand will not eliminate dirt.. These cannot be cleaned up just by mopping. So as a result you get a sticky floor.

Another consideration is if you are not a regular mopper, your floor will get sticky!

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