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A lot of times when we are thinking about mopping the floor, we involuntarily think of wet mopping. The use of water for mopping the floor may seem like an effective method of cleaning, but it is not the only important step. In fact, in many cases, it is not the most suitable one. Dry mopping is a step that comes before most instances of wet mopping. Now you might be wondering – what is dry mopping? How is it different from wet mopping? Well, dry mopping, or as some others may call it dust mopping is a way of sweeping the floor without the use of moisture. It is an effective method for floors such as hardwood floors which do not respond well to moisture.

What tools would you need for dry mopping?

Usually, dry sweeping involves brooms. The difference between that dry mopping involves the use of a mop pad that is made of either woven fiber or microfiber. Microfiber is a popular choice due to its efficiency and effectiveness. A popular mop system that consists of a dry mop pad is the Norwex mop system. Explore your options and get the best dry mop that is suitable for the floor that you intend to mop.

How to dry mop?

Dry mopping is used not just as an alternative to wet mopping. In most cases, it is a step that comes before wet mopping. To dry mop your floor, start from one of the corners of it. Mop the floor sideways and in along the edge of the floor, while pushing the mop away from you. Remember to always lead with the same edge of the mop head to keep the dirt collected on one side. Check it every once in a while to see if it has collected the dirt, and then clean it off before continuing. Usually, just brushing it off after use is enough to clean it off. But over time, it can collect enough dirt to need a wash in the washer. Just remember to not dry it off in the dryer, as it can shrink the mop pad.


Dry mopping is extremely easy when you know the right technique. Although it’s an easy procedure, it is an important one as it prevents the loose dirt and dust from creating scratches on your floor and much more.

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How to Dry Mop a Floor - June 3, 2022

Great article, Thanks for sharing this amazing information.Easy to read & Easy to understand the information given here.

    JohnSchroeder - June 17, 2022

    Why dry mopping need?

      MopPull - November 4, 2022

      You need a dry mop before applying wet mop. Dry mop clear the dirt and dust and create a way for wet mopping fine cleaning.

    hunker - November 6, 2022

    After cleaning, a floor should be dried to avoid streaks and water stains as well as water damage to porous flooring materials like cork and oak that can absorb moisture. Water that has been spilled on the floor may seep into the room’s corners and seams, causing the substrate to swell, the collapse of an adhesive connection, or the warping and twisting of wood. Additionally, it may result in wood rot, mold, and mildew on the substrate and supporting framework of the floor.


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