what is a safe floor cleaner for dogs

Many dog owners are nervous about using commercially manufactured floor cleaners in their home. They worry that the chemicals used in these products may make their dog sick or irritate their pet’s skin.

Harmful Floor Cleaners Ingredients For Dogs

Before choosing  “safe floor cleaners” for our house and pets, let’s look into harmful ingredients that can be present in some cleaners we find in any store.

Ammonium Hydroxide (Ammonia)

Ammonia is an excellent cleanser but bad for dogs as well as for other pets. It’s irritative to the skin and eyes if contacted.


Chlorine is also a  popular ingredient in floor cleaners but it is also harmful for pets if directly contacted. 


Bleach can be irritating to your pets, though bleach is something that can be found inside almost every household for disinfecting purposes. Most of the time we are not aware of the bleach as we used to use for general cleaning purposes.  


Formaldehyde is bad for both humans and dogs. But for its anti – bacterial properties formaldehyde is used regularly in cleaning products, as well as many other household products. 


It has a strong smell and pets are not going to like it. Commercially available most cleaners use phthalates as ingredients. In the long run it could damage pets’ liver and kidneys.  

Dog-Safe floor cleaners

Now we could take a look, which floor cleaners are safe for our dogs as well as for other pets.

Plant based cleaner: For our pets safety we need to choose cleaners that contain plant enzymes, surfactants,  plant oil, plant based fragrance etc.

Eco-friendly: If we have to consider chemical base based cleaner – then go for environment friendly products. Which have clearly mentioned about the ingredients.And also have to have mild and soft scant, cause harsh or hard scant may be irritable to your pets skin and respiratory system.

Floor types: You have to  select floor cleaners according to your floor type. Your floor may be  of Porcelain tiles, vinyl or hardwood, so please check with the cleaning manual or description. 

Expert Opinion: It is always better to be sure about the cleaner you are using- assumption is not good when you have an expert to talk with about the product.

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