What Are the Best Floors for Dogs?

If you have pets, and if you are going to renovate your house or going to own a new one, off course you need to choose the right pet-friendly flooring. As a pet owner you have to consider  some important issues, if you  wondering how to choose new flooring that also needs to be match with your style! Market is full with many types of floor materials, sometimes you might get confused!

followings are the major considerations for choosing a dog friendly floor: 

.Water and stain resistance: First consideration is you should consider waterproof and stain proof flooring options for your new floor.

.Scratch resistance: Scratch Resistance is an important factor when choosing and comparing different floor materials. Because your pet may play, walk, run or try to scratch the floor with nails as a general animal habit. So scratch resistance is an important factor for floors. 

.Maintenance: Time to time we need to do some maintenance of our floor. Choosing floors that are hassle free to maintain will make your life easier as a dog owner. So maintenance should be easy and cost effective.

.Comfort and traction: every pet owner wants to make the best comfort for their pets. If you know your pet very well then you know what to do. Otherwise you could consult with a Veterinarian.  You need to be sure about your pet’s comfort and safety. In the market different floor types offer varying levels of comfort, safety and traction for your dogs. 

.Colour: Some colours are irritable to dogs as well as to other pets. Some colours are very cheerful and warm for home and pets. So you need to carefully consider the floor materials.  

.Cost: This is an important issue and your floors are also a significant part of your home. It’s important to find an option within the budget that will provide a good return on your investment considering all concerning factors.  

Considering and analyzing  these factors will help you shorten all the flooring options you have to choose from. Once you know what you need, read on to compare some of the best dog-friendly flooring options and decide on a floor type that works best for both you and your dog. 

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