How to Use A Mop Effectively

Mopping is one of cleaning activity that you will need to do at least once in your life. It seems pretty t of easy, but actually, it is kind of surprising how a lot of people might have done it in wrong way. Your quality of mopping will determine the durability of your flooring. If you did not do it in the correct way, you will only tire yourself without really removing all dirt from the floor. So here are three things that you need know to use a mop effectively.

  1. Learning about the floor material

How to Use A Mop EffectivelyA different material of flooring requires different treatment. If you use a wrong cleaning agent, it can bring damages to the material, such as losing the original color or texture. Wooden, linoleum and stone flooring will not stand strong chemical, therefore using ammonia, vinegar, or oil-based cleaners will leave residue and damage the surface. Tile is more durable than those three materials, so you can use vinegar and disinfectant to do a more thorough cleaning once every few months. It is best to use the product that is recommended when you first buy the material, or simply use mild dish soap if you can afford the recommended one.

  1. Choosing the right mop for your floor

There are several types of mops that you can find in the cleaning department and actually, each of it serves a different purpose. You need to know how to use it properly to get the best result of your cleaning.

  • Sponge mops are one of the most common household mops because it has a great absorbance and very easy to wring out. Using this kind of mop will prevent you make the floor too wet and reach the space under your furniture. However, this kind of mop is difficult to clean and do not work good enough with corners and edges.
  • String mops are also commonly used for household needs and actually pretty easy to use. People love using this mop because it is light, easy to clean off and can reach edges and corner pretty well. However, it can leave plenty of water residue and not as durable as sponge mops.
  • Strip mops are really good to cover a large area, therefore people usually use it for commercial or public places. It requires more strength to use than the other two but can do the job pretty fast. You will need to wring it out completely before applying it on the floor to avoid making the floor to wet and clean it out thoroughly before storing it since the dirt usually stuck on its strings.
  • Cloth mops require more effort than the other type of mops but can be the cleanest if you use it right. It is best to use in a small area, such as a dormitory room or apartment. Using cloth mop allows you to make sure there is no dirt and stain left and also measure the wetness depends on what you need.
  1. Preparing the floor before mopping

People often make mistake by doing half job on sweeping because they think that they are going to mop it anyway. Sweeping the floor is really important because mopping cannot pick up debris and crumbs, such as fallen hairs and food crumbs. You will need a good broom to pick all those debris and the mop will take care of the stain and dust. You also need to remove all flooring items, such as rugs, mat, or carpet before you mop or it can create a dust line that will reveal the area that you did not clean.


Top 10 Mopping Tips and Methods to Make Your Floors Spic and Span

Once you’ve installed the floor tiles, you will want to maintain the beauty of your house. The floors are the areas that will need daily maintenance because these are where the occupants contribute to the most traffic on a daily basis. As we know, keeping our home is very important. You will need the mop to clean your floors from the stubborn dirt. Everybody can do the mopping. However, did you know that there are tricks to maximize the result of your activity? Here are the top 10 mopping tips and methods to make your floors spic and span.

Dust the floor in advance

Sweeping the floor before mopping it will save you a lot from hassles. By cleaning your floor in advance, you will remove the dust, debris, and crumbs, giving good passage for the mopping. Not to mention that it will prevent the debris to scratch your floor.

Divide the area of cleaning

It is essential if you have a larger area to mop. When you divide the floor into individual segments, you will quickly focus on the affected part. Then it will save your time a lot because you don’t have to repeat the process in the other section.

Getting informed on the cleaning product

Each product has a different measurement and methods. Make sure you read the product’s label first before using it. Consider using the cleaner in moderate portion.

Leave it to dry

Leave the mopped area to dry. You can open the windows to let the heat come in to wipe your floor quickly. If necessary, put the wet-floor-sign on the mopped area if there are some stubborn occupants in your property.

Declutter the floor

Many people overlook this aspect. When you declutter the basement, it will make you easier to clean the floor in one go. Consider to remove some furniture like chairs, tables, rugs, etc. don’t let these stuff get in your way when you clean your floor.

Keep your mop clean

There is no point if you use the dirty mop because of the previous area cleaning. Depending on the level of the dirtiness, you will want to rinse and wring out your mop routinely. This will keep your room cleaned and ready to mop the floor. It will also prevent the dirt from spreading on the other stories.

Use clean water

I know some of us to tend to use the already dirty water because we are too lazy to refill the bucket with the clean water. In the end, it will make your floor dirtier. Dirty water won’t get your floor cleaner. Consider always to use clean water.

Focus on high traffic areas first

You could focus your cleaning in the high traffic areas first like the kitchen, doorsteps, etc. Mopping routinely in these areas will keep your home free from stains, odors, and smells.

Maintain your mop

Always maintain your mop. Soak it in the cleaner and wash it by clean water. Hang it to dry in the laundry room or cleaning room. Using your swab correctly will also improve its longevity.

Don’t use a poor-quality mop

You might want to save some money by purchasing cheap mop. However, it will waste your time and effort if it is poor in quality. Choose an all-in-one mop with disposable cleaning pads. The popular brands always provide the replacements in the official store. It will improve your home cleaning solution.


Know the best hacks about Mop

If you want to make your home as your sanctuary, you will want to maintain its cleanliness and tidiness on a daily basis. Cleaning your floor requires proper equipment which can help you to clean the dust and particles faster. In most modern premises, it is sensible to use the microfiber floor mop since it is the most working and useful tool that can help you clean the house without any hassles. For those who are not familiar with the new mops, here are ten things you must know about them.

Dust mop and wet mop:

Dust mop and wet mopWhen you shop around, you will see these options. Well, take them both! You will need them to maintain your house cleanliness. Dry mop or dust mop is useful to remove dust, sand, soil, crumbs, and any other specks of dirt. A wet mop is for cleaning liquids.

Microfiber mops save you a lot:

Microfiber mops save you a lotMicrofiber is the best material for a mop so far. It holds the dirt until we wash it with the water. It can hold larger quantities of water than other materials. Microfiber can also stand 500 times of repeat process without losing its quality. Imagine how much time you have with your microfiber mop before replacing the pad.

Clean in details:

Most traditional mops which use cotton as the pad’s material do not meticulously clean the little dirt. Sometimes, you need to redo the mopping. However, new mops come with microfiber cloth pads which can clean both little dirt and large debris.

The perfect dryness:

perfect dryness of mopThe new mops also give you the ability to absorb the excessive cleaning water on the floor, making the dryness quicker. It will save your time and effort when maintaining the cleanliness of your house.
Most new mops have replaceable pads. What does it mean? Longevity! That means you won’t have to purchase new mop any sooner because all you need to do is just replacing the existing pads with the new one, and your mop is ready to use.

Efficient and effective:

Efficient and effective mopThe new mops come with the ergonomic design so that it is easier to use it anywhere, anytime. Its ergonomic handle improve the efficiency so that you won’t feel exhausted when mopping your floors.

Dual bucket systems:

Dual bucket systems mopThe traditional way of mopping is by using one bucket. It puts the dirt from the floor into the bucket and then back to the level. Many people are not aware of this. It is more useful to use dual bucket systems. It will prevent the contamination of your degree.

Steam Mops:

Steam MopsSteam mop cleaner comes as the solution for more rigorous works. The steam mop is beneficial for sanitizing, disinfection, and cleaning more complex surfaces. It is more effective than the usual modern mop but can come more expensive because of the anti-bacterial properties to purchase.

Fresh and soothing scent:

Fresh and soothing scent mopDid you know that you could use cleaners with aromas that you can choose? By using the mops, you will have the experience everytime you come home.

Mop sizes:

Many people do not wear the right size of the mop. The mop is like shoes. You will want to choose one which is suitable for you. When shopping around, consider looking at the measurement details. Choose one with an appropriate height. You won’t need to worry. There is a mop for everyone.