How to Clean various type Mop Head?

Cleaning your floors won’t be effective without a cleaner mop. Keeping your mop clean is the key to maintain the quality of floors cleanliness. Many times, the homeowners often overlook the fact that dirty mops can be the causes of stubborn dirtiness. Meanwhile, it is easy and simple to clean your mop head. Depending on the type of your broom, you could put it in the washing machine, dishwasher, or by bare hands.

How to clean a string mop?

string mopString mop needs to be cleaned routinely to maximize its function and performance. You will wash it after using the mop. Rinse the head with hot water to kill the bacteria and germs. Then you will want to wring it as hard as you can to drain the most portions of the water. Let it dry in the ventilated area, or outdoor. If possible, let it dry under the sun.

If the specks of dirt are too piling up, you could use the other way. Soak your mop in a water and cleaning solution mixture. Add bleach to the gallon to the mix if you notice the awful smell.

Rinse the mops with hot water. Cold water is fine, but you can see the vast difference when you use hot water to clean your string mop.

How to wash spin mop head in the washing machine?

spin mopAny washing machine will be a great choice to wash your spin mop, only if you do it the right way. Chances are there will be mold and bacteria left on the broom. So, you will want to take care of them first by rinsing your mop with hot water. Rinse it twice or more if necessary. Use mild detergent. Only use bleach if you think that the materials of the mop head are too dirty.

How to clean microfiber mop heads?

Microfiber mopPresuming that your mop head is microfiber, you will want to use a mild detergent with hot water to clean the dust and dirt. Microfiber is as delicate as clothes so that you will want to set the low heat. In the washing machine, you could place the device with a regular cycle. Don’t use jeans or harder mode. Also, use mild detergent and little amount of bleach. Too much bleach can degrade the materials.

Don’t dry your microfiber mop head under the high heat. Instead, you could put it in the well-ventilated room, or outdoor under the sun.

You can also wash the microfiber mop head by hands if your washing machine is too harsh. Use the mild detergent and soft bristled brush if there are some hard dirt.

Whether you are using washing machine or hands, don’t dry your microfiber mop head under hard pressure.

How to clean a sponge mop head?

sponge mopFor some people, it is a bit tricky to clean the sponge mop head. But it is easy if you know how to do it. Add mild detergent to the water. Or you could also use mild floor detergent with water. Soak your sponge mop head into the soapy water. Press the sponge many times to release the dirt to the water mixture. Use the wrong mechanism of the mop. If necessary, you could repeat the process with new water mixture. Place some tarps on your yard, or other outdoor spaces. Lay your mop head on the tarp under the sunlight. Leave it to dry.


What is the perfect way to mop a floor?

Mopping floor sounds a simple thing to do. But if you have zero experience in doing household tasks, it might be a daunting one for you. Consider reading these tips so that you will be more than ready when someone gives you this task.

How to mop a tile floor?

Tile floor cleaningChances are you have ceramic tile floors in your doorways, entryways, kitchen, or somewhere else. You will want to clean the floor often. Don’t let the dust piling up on your floor. The best way to mop your tile floor is doing it frequently. So, a good trick is to store your mop nearby the cleaning space.

You don’t want to wet your floor until you remove the dirt and debris first. If you don’t have a vacuum, you could sweep it manually with a broom. If you have smaller or medium space, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. But please consider purchasing vacuum if you have a larger area to cover.

Mop the floor back and forth. Assess the room and ensure you have the exit way. You don’t want to step your foot in the clean floor again.

The cleaning should work with the mild detergent or soap sold on the market. The key here is not using too much detergent. Use less soap but more frequent in cleaning. Also, the wet floor should be dried soon after you finish the cleaning. Free your time up and do it routinely.

How to clean sticky tile floors?

Sticky tile floorsSticky tile floors have been nightmare to every homeowner. But don’t worry, with proper tools and solutions you can manage the sticky stains and spills easily. The correct method to clean the sticky floors is to use the effective solutions so that you won’t force your mop to scratch the floors.

We’d suggest you use a mop with spray and warm water. The warm water will help in to remove the sticky spot faster. Some people use vinegar solution that they can take from the kitchen. But if you don’t like the smell, the answer from the top brand you can find on the market will be excellent.

If there is stubborn dirt, consider using a mildly abrasive net scrubber to remove them. Don’t use harsh, caustic scrubber since it will scratch your floor.

How to clean porcelain tile floors?

Porcelain tile floorsThe key for a clean porcelain tile floors is to clean it regularly and appropriately. It is easy to motivate yourself to do this on a routine basis. Doing it the right way is something different. Usually, you could clean your porcelain tile twice a week. But you need more frequent times if you are living in a tropical area. The best kind of mop for porcelain floor is models with sponge or microfiber cloth.

To clean porcelain tile floors, you will want to remove the dirt and dust by vacuuming and sweeping the floors. Divide the sections so that you will have your exit way. Use a mild cleanser and let it soak into the tile for few minutes. Make sure your mop is a little bit too wet to prevent the floor from drying. Use a soft-bristle brush to scrub the stubborn dirt and spills.

Then you will need to wipe away the dirty cleaning solution. Rinse the flooring area with warm water. And dry it with a dry mop with microfiber cloth or towel. That’s it.


How to Remove Spin Mop Head?

To keep the house clean and tidy, the Spin mop is one of the most popular household tools that many homeowners are using. There Are some opportunities in which you can use to clean your house with the most modern spin mop that you have. However, after few uses from the deep clean of your home, your broom can get dirty and need to be cleaned. If the mop is dirty, then your effort in cleaning your house will come to waste. The only choice you have is to wash the mop head or replace it with the new one.

In case your mop head is still okay to use, you could remove the head and wash it. Before washing the head, you will want to remove the mop head properly to avoid the malfunction or broken mop. For the spin mop, you need to remove the head first before washing it. Each model from a different manufacturer has different markings of twists and turn on the head. That’s why opening the mop can be challenging if you never did this before.

First, you can do to look at the moving patter at the head of the mop. The branded spin mop should have the manual that you can read. In the manual, there will be the head removing instruction. Many times, people are overlooking this aspect so that they don’t know what’s wrong with their jammed or broken spin head. So, always play by the book.

Infographic on How to Remove Spin Mop Head

In case you don’t find the manual, you could read the instruction given in the official site of the spin mop model. Alternatively, you could reach their customer service to help you with the method.

By using your hands, you could twist the spin mop head gently. If it sticks or doesn’t follow your twist, you might do it in the wrong direction. There’s a good chance that you turn to the right direction the first time you try it. The point is that you need to see the twist, and then you could pull the head from the mop. Pull it gently from the shaft, and you are good to go.

Keep in mind that some models need a stronger force to release their mop head. If the manual that you read says so, don’t hesitate to use your power because it won’t hamper the product. Pull the head gently, and you are just doing great.

Sometimes, the mop head sticks to the attachment. You will also want to remove the attachment before washing your mop spin head.

Keep in mind that not all heads are machine washable. Again, you will need to read the official instructions from the manufacturer for this.

If you are washing with the machine, make sure to remove any extra attachment from the head. The attachment can be wire or rubbing material. If you neglect this, there’s a chance the head can damage your washing machine. Removing the enclosure is also easy to do. With few attempts, it will become your nature. Thanks for reading and hope this tip helps you.

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