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If you want to make your home as your sanctuary, you will want to maintain its cleanliness and tidiness on a daily basis. Cleaning your floor requires proper equipment which can help you to clean the dust and particles faster. In most modern premises, it is sensible to use the microfiber floor mop since it is the most working and useful tool that can help you clean the house without any hassles. For those who are not familiar with the new mops, here are ten things you must know about them.

Dust mop and wet mop:

Dust mop and wet mopWhen you shop around, you will see these options. Well, take them both! You will need them to maintain your house cleanliness. Dry mop or dust mop is useful to remove dust, sand, soil, crumbs, and any other specks of dirt. A wet mop is for cleaning liquids.

Microfiber mops save you a lot:

Microfiber mops save you a lotMicrofiber is the best material for a mop so far. It holds the dirt until we wash it with the water. It can hold larger quantities of water than other materials. Microfiber can also stand 500 times of repeat process without losing its quality. Imagine how much time you have with your microfiber mop before replacing the pad.

Clean in details:

Most traditional mops which use cotton as the pad’s material do not meticulously clean the little dirt. Sometimes, you need to redo the mopping. However, new mops come with microfiber cloth pads which can clean both little dirt and large debris.

The perfect dryness:

perfect dryness of mopThe new mops also give you the ability to absorb the excessive cleaning water on the floor, making the dryness quicker. It will save your time and effort when maintaining the cleanliness of your house.
Most new mops have replaceable pads. What does it mean? Longevity! That means you won’t have to purchase new mop any sooner because all you need to do is just replacing the existing pads with the new one, and your mop is ready to use.

Efficient and effective:

Efficient and effective mopThe new mops come with the ergonomic design so that it is easier to use it anywhere, anytime. Its ergonomic handle improve the efficiency so that you won’t feel exhausted when mopping your floors.

Dual bucket systems:

Dual bucket systems mopThe traditional way of mopping is by using one bucket. It puts the dirt from the floor into the bucket and then back to the level. Many people are not aware of this. It is more useful to use dual bucket systems. It will prevent the contamination of your degree.

Steam Mops:

Steam MopsSteam mop cleaner comes as the solution for more rigorous works. The steam mop is beneficial for sanitizing, disinfection, and cleaning more complex surfaces. It is more effective than the usual modern mop but can come more expensive because of the anti-bacterial properties to purchase.

Fresh and soothing scent:

Fresh and soothing scent mopDid you know that you could use cleaners with aromas that you can choose? By using the mops, you will have the experience everytime you come home.

Mop sizes:

Many people do not wear the right size of the mop. The mop is like shoes. You will want to choose one which is suitable for you. When shopping around, consider looking at the measurement details. Choose one with an appropriate height. You won’t need to worry. There is a mop for everyone.


Cleaning with Mop includes housecleaning, that is, disposing of rubbish , cleaning dirty surfaces, dusting and vacuuming. If you need to know Mop Tips and Tricks continue reading my Moppull blog

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