Irobot mopping robot review

Irobot mopping robot review

Coming home from a long tiring day? Do you want to see your floors clean without any effort? Then iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Robot Mop is the thing that you are looking for. With Pro-Clean System, this robot mop is designed to mop and sweep all hard floor surfaces quickly & efficiently, including hardwood, tile & stone.

Irobot mopping robot review section:

iRobotBraava 380t has 3 types of cleaning moods: Wet Mopping, Dry Sweeping & damp sweeping. In Sweep mode, it sweeps in straight lines back and forth to efficiently pick up dust, dirt, and hair. In dry sweep mode, it moves in straight lines back and forth to pick up dust, dirt, and hair. In damp mop form, it uses a special back-and-forth movement to pull deeper dust and mop for your hardwood floor.

1. Irobot mopping robot features:

Smart navigation system (iAdapt 2.0) of iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Robot Mop works like an indoor GPS. It helps the robot to keep track of where it’s been and where it needs to go. The robot Mop systematically covers the entire floor in a single pass. It navigates around objects and under furniture. It is so tiny in size so gets into each corner of the house, fits under most furniture such as beds, sofas, kickboards, etc, and cleans that area perfectly. It is suitable for both: small & large areas. For large areas, Northstar cube technology provides an expandable cleaning range with additional NorthStar Navigation Cubes.

2. Irobot mopping robot parts:

iRobot Braava 380t Robot Mop comes with, NA Adapter with Turbo Charge Cradle, North American Line Cord, 2000 mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery, NorthStar Navigation Cube, Channel 4 (requires 2 C batteries, included), Microfiber Mopping Cloth, Microfiber Mopping Mop, Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pad, and Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad.

3. Irobot mopping robot charging option:

The included Turbo Charge Cradle is a convenient, one-stop charging and storage space for the Mop. To charge Braava 380t, simply place it on the cradle and charging will be completed within 2 hours. For a regular user, the battery lasts more than 1 year.

4. Irobot mopping robot is simple to use:

As soon as charging is done, Braava 380t is ready to clean and it is too simple to use. It is like- just set it & forget about it. Prepare the room (removing rugs & small stuff for better cleaning), attach a cleaning pad according to floors’ requirement, press MOP or SWEEP and it will start working. No additional floor cleaning chemical is required. The NorthStar Navigation Cube projects a signal so that you always know where it is. The best thing about the Mop is, after completing the task Braava 380t comes to the location where it started, notifies the user twice (when it is nearly done with the task & when the task is done), and goes power down. Another favorite fact about the Mop is, it works quietly and does not disturb your activities. So, you can use it whenever you want, even while you are asleep. You can also carry it while traveling & keep your surroundings clean.

So don’t waste time and order now.

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Great mop review. Thanks for sharing this review. It really helps.

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    how long irobot mopping robot could work in one charge?

      MopPull - November 7, 2022

      The battery lasts, in
      Normal operation-around 60 minutes,
      Eco mode- around 90 minutes.
      Depending on the type of floor, it may last up to 15 minutes longer.

    Blossom - December 27, 2022

    An advanced-technology robotic floor cleaner is the iRobot Braava. The cleaning robots available on the market today come in a wide range. They offer unique features with regard to cleaning options. Some floor cleaning robots are skilled at removing dirt and debris from hardwood floors in homes, while others are skilled at doing it from laminate or tiled floors. Even a skilled robot vacuum for carpeted floors is offered.

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