How to use a Norwex Mop?

When it comes to cleaning around the house, we often end up having to tackle different types of flooring in different areas around the house. Cleaning methods that are suitable vary between the types of flooring you have around the house. Laminate floors and concrete floors are better cleaned with water while hardwood floors require a dry cleaning method. What is important is to make sure that your preferred types of equipment are effective in cleaning these surfaces in their proper ways. The Norwex mop is a kind of mop that brings you a cleaning system that allows you to carry out both wet and dry methods of cleaning with one system. This increases efficiency and trouble with extra equipment to deal with. Moreover, it eliminates the need for you to use chemicals to clean your floors which have the chance to be absorbed through your feet. To know more about the Norwex mop and how to use it, keep reading.

Where can you use your Norwex mop?

The Norwex mop system is incredibly versatile. Because of its dual cleaning aspects, it is excellent for use on wooden floors. Your floors will be left shining, that too with just water! Moreover, you can use the mop for cleaning surfaces other than just floors. The mop can be used for cleaning windows and ceilings as well. The dry feature helps you get rid of dust and cobwebs while the wet features come in handy during shining the windows. The mop is useful when it comes to cleaning surfaces that get dirty quite often and need regular cleaning. It is successful in getting rid of 99% of bacteria from your surfaces every time!

What would the cleaning process be like?

The Norwex mop will reduce most of your stress off when it comes to mopping your surfaces in the hours. The system comes with a handle. The length of the handle is adjustable so that you can adjust the length to your preference. Along with that it also has lock features that lock the attachments such as the cleaning head to the handle. The two cleaning pads are each specific to their purposes – dry sweeping and wet mopping. When using the dry mop, try to use the same side as the leading edge. Afterward, just exchange the dry pad with the wet pad. You can use water to wet the pad and wring it out to adjust the moisture level. It is suggested to use less moisture on linoleum floors and vinyl floors and more on tiled floors.

How should you store your mop?

The Norwex Mop is incredibly easy to clean. You won’t need to spend too much energy behind it. The dry sweeper can be cleaned simply with a rubber brush. The rubber brush is essential for the Norwex mop. You will be using it to brush off all the debris from the pad into a trash can after you are done cleaning. The pad can be cleaned by using a small amount of dish soap. Just rub the mop against itself and get all the dirt off of it. We recommend you store the mop in a hanging position. Norwex also offers a mop hanger for that if you wish to purchase it.


This extremely easy cleaning system will also eliminate the need for you to spend your money on disposable mop pads over and over again. Not only is it going to be saving your money but also reducing waste in landfills. Norwex also offers a variety of other mops that you can attach to this system according to your needs. Get this extremely efficient mop system and try it out for yourself!


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