How to mop Vinyl Floors?

How to mop Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is something that you’ll often see being used in bathrooms and kitchens. Commonly known as an alternative to linoleum flooring, vinyl floors can be termed as synthetic versions of it.

Best Way to Clean Indoor and Exterior with mop Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors are useful for the areas they are used in because of their cost-effective durability, versatility, and resistance to water and stain. If you have vinyl flooring in your home or plan to install it in the near future, you’d probably want to know how to maintain the vinyl floors and keep them clean. Read on to know some useful tips and tricks on how to mop your vinyl floors.

1. Everyday mop vinyl floors solutions

For regular mopping and cleaning, some of the items you’ll need are vinegar, hot water, and jojoba oil. What the vinegar does is that it will get the dirt off of the surface of the flooring without damaging it. It is a comparatively light cleaning method. The jojoba oil can be used if you want to shine your floors. Use one cup of vinegar with a gallon of hot water with a few drops of jojoba oil for great results. If you choose not to use vinegar and prefer a commercial cleanser, use a no-wax cleaner.

2. Deep cleaning solutions

If you want to clean the tougher spots which won’t clean with just a vinegar solution, add a tablespoon of dish soap to the mix. The dish soap will get rid of the dirt that has settled into the vinyl flooring. The mop that you’ll want to use for deep cleaning is a nylon bristle mop. To remove scuffs, use jojoba oil or WD-40 on a soft cloth to simply rub off the scuff marks.

3. Stain Removing solutions

To get rid of stains on your vinyl flooring, create a thick paste using baking soda and water. Then, rub this with a soft cloth over stains such as wine stains and or berry juice stains. For stains from ink, makeup, or other pigmented substances, use alcohol on a soft cloth to rub the stains off. If they don’t come off with the cloth, use a soft nylon brush to scrub the spot. Make sure you rinse off the residue as you don’t want soap or alcohol to be sitting on the vinyl floor at it will damage it over time.

4. Vinyl Floors mopping notes

Vinyl floors get dirty quite often. Keeping them clean doesn’t mean you have to mop every day. Make sure you sweep through the floors every day and clean up spills as soon as possible. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or cleaning methods and make sure you don’t let the floors soaked with too much water.


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    Vinyl flooring is adaptable, stylish, and long-lasting. Homeowners frequently choose it since it is available in a wide range of patterns and can be installed in almost any place in the house.

    SarahAlexandra - December 13, 2022

    You must clean your vinyl plank flooring every day to keep it gleaming and new-looking. Your flooring’s attractiveness could be destroyed by accumulating dust. To get dry dirt and dust off the floor, use a broom or vacuum cleaner. By using a mop, you can thoroughly clean any floor and get rid of stubborn stains. But is vinyl-plank flooring able to be mopped? Well, you could clean your vinyl floor with a mop. But you have to do it correctly. It can harm the floor if used improperly.

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