How to Mop the Concrete Floors?

Concrete floor becomes favorite choice for some reasons. It is sturdy material suitable for both indoor and outdoor floor. Concrete floor is also very durable and stain-resistant to make it relatively easy to clean. To top all of the above, concrete floor is relatively more affordable compared to other types of floor.

How to Mop the Concrete FloorsWhile it is durable and stain resistant, it doesn’t mean that concrete floor is unbreakable. Lack of care can reduce to concrete durability. Various factors can also lead to risks of damage. Good maintenance is the key and it is all started with routine cleaning the concrete floor surface. We all know that moping is the most basic cleaning. How to mop the concrete floors? Is there any specific way to do it? Let’s learn more about!

These are step by step mopping concrete floor:

  • Before mopping be sure to sweep the whole concrete surface to clean dirt and debris. It is also useful to remove and kill mold, mildew, and bacteria hiding in dark and moist area. Using a broom to sweep dirt and large debris. If needed, use duster or vacuum cleaner to clean fine particles.
  • Get ready for mopping! Prepare the mop and large bucket. Fill the bucket with warm water and mix a pH neutral cleaner. Find the instruction on the amount of water and cleaner on the packaging.
  • Dip the mop into the cleaning mixture inside the bucket. Let it soak and then squeeze and twist the mop to remove excess liquid. Ideally, the mop should only be slightly damped.
  • Mop the floor from the farthest area to the nearest area from the door. Clean a small section of the floor at a time. Frequently re-damp the mop with cleaning mixture inside the bucket.
  • Let the floor dry thoroughly. If needed, use oscillating fan to blow air into the room to help faster drying.
  • Dump the cleaning water from the bucket. Rinse the mop and bucket with clean water. Fill the bucket with clean water.
  • Damp the mop with clean water and start mopping the concrete floor all over again. This step is important to remove excess cleaner from the floor. Once completed, let the floor dry thoroughly.

More attention must be given when mopping the concrete floor in the basement or in the poorly ventilated area. The issue is to get the floor dry optimally preventing mold and mildew growth. Increase the air circulation using oscillating fan or in case the ventilation is very poor, consider to use dehumidifier.

That’s how to mop concrete floor the right way!


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