How to Mop a Floor Correctly? Tips by MopPull

How to mop a floor correctly? Well, it is quite easy to use a mop to clean the floor. Unfortunately, the result is probably as clean as you want. Moreover, it is when the dirt and stain are attached completely and they cannot be easily removed. Below, there are some tips you can follow to mop a floor correctly.

Best Tips of How to Mop a Floor Correctly

First, you need to choose the right mop. To ease your job, you should choose a kind of spin mop that has been equipped by the bucket. The spin mop enables you to squeeze the fabric area more simply.

Second, it is about the composition of water and the cleaning liquid. Make sure to avoid too much liquid and in contrast. You can read the instruction available on the product’s package first.

Third, even the movement of mopping must also be thought about. The right movement is zigzag or forming the number 8. Not to forget, reach all the room area including corners.

Fourth, start mopping your house from the cleanest area to the dirtiest one. Besides, you should have two mops; one for the indoor and another for outdoor.

Lastly, of course, you need to clean the mop and dry it in the open air.

How to Mop a Floor

How to mop wood floors?

Is it different than other types of floors? The answer is yes. Other types of floors, such as tiles, ceramic or vinyl type floor can be easily clean by using mop and water. But, the wooden floor is different.

What Makes Wooden Floor Different?

What Makes Wooden Floor DifferentThe wooden floor has bigger pores than other types of floors. Of course, with the correct process and finish, these pores will be covered. However, compared to other types of floors, the ability to absorb water is much bigger on the wooden floor. Therefore, the most important thing to do when you want to mop your wooden floor is using enough amount of water.

Too damp and wet mop only give the wooden floor more moisture kept inside. And, with the moisture stay in the wooden floor, there is a big risk that it can cause mold. And, when your wooden floor gets a mold problem, you won’t be able to save it. You must replace it which costs you a lot. So, how can we mop the wooden floor without increasing the risk of the mold problem?

Mopping Wooden Floor Direction

First of all, you need to prepare the tools you use for mopping the wooden floor. Here is what you need to prepare:

–         Broom and vacuum cleaner,

–         Mop (choose the mop that has soft fabric and design that won’t scratch your wooden floor),

–         Bucket for water,

–         Wood-floor cleaner product,

–         Dry towel.

Here are the directions to mop your wooden floor safely.

  1. Use broom and vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt and dust from the wooden floor surface. This is important because the dirt and dust can cause scratch when you move your mop around. Moreover, the dirt also can enter the pores when you press it with your mop. So, clean them all to prevent any damage and problem in the future.
  2. Fill the bucket with water. Then, add the wood-floor cleaner product. Make sure you follow the direction for diluting this cleaner product. Adding too much cleaner will only damage your wooden floor. So, this is an important step you must to follow correctly.
  3. Soak the mop into the diluted wood-cleaner in the bucket. After that, wring the mop to let the liquid out and make it about to dry and slightly damped.
  4. With a damped mop, you can start to mop your wooden floor. Use the circular motion gently and slowly. Make sure you reach every corner of your room. With the correct type of mop tool, you can do it easily. So, you also can prevent the dust to pile up on one side of your floor.
  5. To mop the entire floor, you can start it from the corner. Then move it around until the last part of the floor. To prevent any scratch or damage that can happen to your wood floor, follow the wood grain.
  6. Always carry a dry towel when you mop your wooden floor. If you find there is a puddle, dry it quickly with a dry towel to prevent the moisture trapped in the wood.
  7. The last step is using water only to re-mop the entire surface. This will remove the chemical substance from the cleaner product.
  8. Once you finish all the area, open the window or use A/C vents to dry it. This way you can dry it faster.

Those are what you need to do to clean and mop your wooden floor. Do it carefully and regularly (3 times a week) to keep your wooden floor in good condition. Your wooden floor will look beautiful.



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