How To Hide Broom and Mop?

We use mops for all sorts of things but can’t show them to anyone. Mops, Brooms are things we use daily. So they need proper care to make sure they could be for a long period. But they are not something to be seen all the time by all. We must keep them in places that hide them well and provide an air-circulated area to be sanitized naturally.

In this writing, we are going to describe some of the places to store your Mops and Brooms.

Where to Keep Brooms and Mops

There are hundreds of ways (places)  to hide and store your broom and mop. We just need to find a genius way to do it.

Broom Cupboards

Broom cupboards are made for broom-storing purposes. Some consider these are one of the best ways to store mops. It can confirm your mops will be out of people’s sight and stay clean and cool, you just need to be sure of air circulation for keeping the cupboard dry.

According to the available places you have to use, you may consider a small nook, corner of the house, or under stairs. That will confirm your mops and brooms will not be visible to anyone.  

Mounted racks 

Mounted racks could be a good choice to store your mops and brooms. Same as cupboards, they can be fit in a small place and they are very efficient in many ways. They keep your brooms and mops straight and keep hair threads hanging down and ventilated. After use, you just need to wash, clean, and hang them in the racks. Another thing is-confirm the air flown through the racks will keep your mops and brooms dry and dump-free rack.

Under the Stairs 

Sometimes under the stairs is a good place to hide brooms and mops. Behind the stairs is a hard-to-reach place in any house for others but is accessible to you when you need it. But creating arrangements under the stairs may need carpenters’ help. Of course, it’s a good option for any small apartment. 

In a closet 

Yes, we could hide brooms and mops in the closet and keep these tools out of sight. If you have an unused closet, you could use it in a clever way to hide your mops and brooms. Use an old cloth over your mops and brooms to hide it. 

Behind a Door 

Storing and hiding your mops and brooms behind a door makes them easy to access when you need them. We just need a door and a hanging rod to hang up brooms and mops. When you have no space to use Closet or Broom cupboards, behind a door is the best way. 

Wall-Mounted Hanger 

A fast and easy way to store and hide your broom and mop is using a wall-mounted hanger. These can be bought from any hardware store near you. Select a suitable way in your storeroom or anywhere convenient for you. Use a drilling machine, and a screw to place the hanger. 

Hooks and Zip Ties 

Sometimes we have a ceiling beam in your store room,  garage or in any shed, we can attach hooks and zip ties and hang the broom and mop from them. It’s a good option because it keeps the mop and broom dry and threads straight. 

Using Shoe Organizer 

Using Shoe Organizer as hidden storage for brooms and mops is a very good option. You just need to set some hanging hooks to the doors. These hooks help you to hang the mop and brooms. You could change the shelf design to suit your needs. 

There are hundreds of ways to hide and store your broom and mop. Everyone’s consideration and scope are different, so someplace it on the kitchen wall, some behind the door, some place it in the garage, or some could place it in the store room. We may like to use custom-made broom cupboards or Subdivided cabinets. We could use a Pullout broom closet if we have a scope. 

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