How to Clean Carpet Floor Mats

We use floor mats to improve the overall look  and enhance the comfort of our house-entrance, living room, in our cars or other vehicles. They may be rubber or carpet floor mats, over time it gets dirty- so needs to be cleaned.  

Here is how you could clean your mats:   


Get floor mats out from your house or car. You can use your garage or other open are of your residence. 

If your car gets no removable mats- you need to clean it inside your car- in that case you have to be careful about  foam, water or cleaning chemicals not to come in contact with gas, clutch and brake pedal. It may be dangerous for driving 

  1. Vacuum Carpet floor mats first. 

If you are going to clean carpet mat- you will need some baking soda to absorb moisture and bad smell before using vacuum. 

Vacuum mats on both sides make sure you get all the dust or any food spills, soil specks etc. 

From your car, if possible remove your floor mats, 

Keep all of your car doors open, and take your mats out of the car, if they are removable. Do not try to clean them while they are still inside the car

If you have mats they are not removable, then you will have to clean them inside the car. During the cleaning keep all the doors open. 

  1. Uses soap and water

Apply soapy water to the carpet mats. Use a hard but smooth brush to make them clean.

You may spray a carpet cleaner over the mat and sit for 30 mins, though you can buy some cleaner from the store. 

  1.   Use vacuum again

Vacuum the floor mats again it will suck water and remaining dirt from the mats. You could use a steam cleaning vacuum. 

  1.   Dry the floor mats 

Dry the floor carpet mats thoroughly by hanging them up somewhere outside in the sun or dry them in a dryer. If not dried, it could lose strength and get damp with a bad smell.  

If your floor mats have specific instructions for cleaning follow it.  Sometimes house carpets have  Though you may skip some of the above steps, if you think about seeing the condition of your mats.  

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