Can You Put A Mattress On The Floor?

What is a mattress? 

A mattress is a rectangular pad used as a bed for lying. A mattress case may be made with heavy cloth. The case may contain cotton, foam, straw, metal springs, etc. 

Most of the time it’s used with a bed frame or a box that keeps the bed off the ground. But some people prefer to put a mattress on the floor instead of using a bed frame. There are some advantages of placing a mattress on the floor, but there may be some disadvantages also! Let’s check it out:

Advantages of Sleeping On The Floor

Putting a mattress on the ground can be useful for multiple reasons, it can be economical and sometimes good to get neutral spinal alignment.

Reduces Back Pain

Well, there is no guarantee, but a mattress placed on the floor may help people with back and neck pain. Mattresses on the floor provide you with a firm flat bed for sleeping. Sleeping on the floor helps you to keep your spine and neck natural and healthy. Those who have back pain can get good comfort and relief from pain. 

Improves Blood Circulation

A firm and flatbed can keep your body in a way that body weight is distributed evenly, so any part will not get heavy pressure. This formation helps your body muscles and tissues to receive better blood circulation and damage recovery when you sleep.


If you are on a low budget, you can easily avoid buying costly bed frames to place your mattress. While it is also cost-saving and healthy. 

Need Less Space

Bed frames are larger than your actual mattress size. As a result, it needs a large space. Putting a mattress on the floor could save your space and give you a spacious view and comfort of your bedroom.  

Easy Move

Bet frames are not only larger but also heavier. Without a bed frame, we can easily move the mattress from place to place easily.

Disadvantages of Sleeping On The Floor

One of the significant drawbacks of putting a mattress on the floor may void the warranty. Bed bugs also get closer to the mattress. 

Vulnerable to Dust and Dust Mites

The floor gains dust easily so we need to clean it regularly or it could be allergic and create respiratory issues. Also, it could interrupt your sleep. 

Depending on where you live- bed bugs, dust mites, and other small creatures like spiders, and ants may have a safe home in your bed mattress, cause it’s on the floor. 

Potential Mold and Mildew Buildup

A mattress on the floor gets less ventilation. Moisture may be trapped in your mattress which eventually helps to grow mold and mildew. 

Mold is dangerous, it also releases a bad odor.

Difficulty Getting Out Of Bed

Using a mattress on the floor as he is very bad for elderly people who have arthritis or chronic pain. For them, getting into bed and getting out of bed can be very difficult.

Uncomfortable for Side Sleepers

For a side sleeper, Mattress on the floor will not be a good option. The mattress gives you a firm and flat bed, but for side sleepers, their shoulders and hips will not be comfortable enough for good sleep.  

Void Your Manufacturer Warranty

You need to check with the manufacturer, most mattresses are made to use with a bed frame. 

If you are not using frames your warranty will be void. 

For some people sleeping on the ground can be very useful. On the other hand, it has some disadvantages also, so making a decision is a bit tough. If you need, you may discuss it with your doctor according to your health condition.

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