Best Hotel Flooring For Lobby Areas

For hotels we need to choose ideal flooring for room and lobby areas. It may vary according to the style and design of your full hotel building. But have remembered that the entrance and lobby is the place to create a first impression about your hotel. 

You may consider following outline: 

What to Consider When Selecting Hotel Lobby Flooring

Primarily you should consider the following:


You need to make your lobby a quiet and pleasant place. It’s a common place where guests will check-in, take breakfast, and do some starting jobs. So you need to keep the noise level down and be comfortable for everybody! Floor and walls are a good way to amplify the sound around. Choosing good floor material could dampen the sound.


Guests and employees safety should be the first issue. Whatever service you offer, if it is not safe- everything will go wrong. In order to make a non slippery floor, lobbies have to select perfect tiles that match with other conditions as well as budget. Good working conditions can generate good business too. 

Foot Traffic

Lobby and entering area of a hotel is a heavy traffic area. This floor area may need frequent replacement and costly repairing works. We may choose a durable flooring option to avoid this hassle. 


Yes it will depend on the design and aesthetic of your hotel, so you will need to select floor tiles  carefully. 


Maintenance is a daunting task, if the area is big. We need to keep it clean, safe, but floors exposed to heavy traffic areas may need attention everyday to find out the chipping or cracking ones. Choosing low maintenance floor tiles will reduce the task. 


Finally your budget is the main determining factor to choose the best floor tiles for your hotel. Fix your budget first so you could eliminate some of the options which are not in the range of your  budget. Consider installing and maintenance costs for budgeting amounts. 

What are the Flooring Options for Hotel and Lobbies?

There are many different flooring options available at this time. We could easily  find one according the above conditions: 

Natural Stone

Natural stone is the most durable and beautiful flooring option for any heavy traffic area flooring. It comes with so many natural colors, platters,  in one word, every natural stone floor tile is unique in nature. Natural stone tiles may be costly but it can increase the value and standard of your hotel. If you have the necessary budget you could go for it. 

Porcelain Tile

Now Porcelain tiles also come in a large variety in terms of design, color, texture, size, price.

Porcelain tiles are durable and need low maintenance, comparatively cheaper. It could be found in a stone-like or  hardwood-like look. If not in any extreme condition, Porcelain tile is one of the best options for Hotel and big commercial spaces.  

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Another cost-efficient option is Luxury Vinyl Tile. It is found in tiles like wood, natural stone, and ceramic tiles. Probably the most versatile option in Luxury Vinyl Tiles on a small budget. It also fits for big or any entrepreneurship business hotel.  


If you are working with a tight budget, carpeting is a good option. Carpets have many advantages compared to hard flooring tiles. It is comfortable, acoustic and safe. High quality carpets can give you a better look and you could match with walls and design in terms of color variations. 


There is no final choice. If your hotel is resort-like and in a hilly remote area your selection may be different then any hotel in a busy metropolitan area. Everything depends on your primary conditions, your location, design, services you are providing, number of guests you are expecting etc. So carefully decide your tiles and good luck for the planned project.  

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