Know the best hacks about Mop!!

Know the best hacks about Mop

If you want to make your home your sanctuary, you will want to maintain its cleanliness and tidiness on a daily basis. Cleaning your floor requires proper equipment which can help you to clean the dust and particles faster. In most modern premises, it is sensible to use the microfiber floor mop since it is the most working and useful tool that can help you clean the house without any hassles. For those who are not familiar with the new mops, here are ten things you must know about them.

Best hacks about Mop: Dust mop and wet mop!

When you shop around, you will see these options. Well, take them both! You will need them to maintain your house’s cleanliness. A dry mop or dust mop is useful to remove dust, sand, soil, crumbs, and any other specks of dirt. A wet mop is for cleaning liquids.

Microfiber mops save you a lot:

Microfiber is the best mop for tile floors so far. It holds the dirt until we wash it with water. It can hold larger quantities of water than other materials. Microfiber can also stand 500 times of repeat process without losing its quality. Imagine how much time you have with your microfiber mop before replacing the pad.

Clean in details:

Most traditional mops that use cotton as the pad’s material do not meticulously clean the little dirt. Sometimes, you need to redo the mopping. However, new mops come with microfiber cloth pads that can clean both little dirt and large debris.

The perfect dryness:

The new mops also give you the ability to absorb the excessive cleaning water on the floor, making the dryness quicker. It will save your time and effort when maintaining the cleanliness of your house.
Most new mops have replaceable pads. What does it mean? Longevity! That means you won’t have to purchase a new mop any sooner because all you need to do is just replacing the existing pads with the new one, and your mop is ready to use.

Efficient and effective:

The new mops come with an ergonomic design so that it is easier to use them anywhere, anytime. Its ergonomic handle improves efficiency so that you won’t feel exhausted when mopping your floors.

Best hacks about mop dual bucket systems:

The traditional way of mopping is by using one bucket. It puts the dirt from the floor into the bucket and then back to the level. Many people are not aware of this. It is more useful to use dual bucket systems. It will prevent the contamination of your degree.

Fresh and soothing scent:

Did you know that you could use cleaners with aromas that you can choose? By using the mops, you will have the experience every time you come home.

Mop sizes:

Many people do not wear the right size of mop. The mop is like shoes. You will want to choose one which is suitable for you. When shopping around, consider looking at the measurement details. Choose one with an appropriate height. You won’t need to worry. There is a mop for everyone.

Libman 2000 Wonder Mop with Wringer Cup:

If you need a more powerful mop for cleaning your home rigorously, you could consider reading this Libman wonder mop review. Libman 2000 Wonder Mop with Wringer Cup has such a powerful wringer that can remove the water faster. That makes your floors dry more quickly than before.

What makes this more powerful than the other mop models in the market is the Microfiber Grip strips feature. This feature list around 20% more stubborn dirt and germ than a conventional mop. The pads of the mops are washable up to 50 times, although many users claimed that they wash the pads more than 50 times and still high.

The mop is a common choice to deal with all hard floor surfaces.

Libman has been one of the most influencing brands when it comes to mopping models. The manufacturer has been providing quality brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies since 1896. When we look at the product, we’ll agree that it is the result of years of experience. The high quality of the Libman 200 Wonder Mop has helped thousands of users to overcome the hardest cleaning tasks. You can rely on the Premium microfiber mop with the wringer. The perfect mop can manage the water and prevent bacterial growth. Not to mention that the extra-wide microfiber strips that effectively remove the dirt than conventional mops. With the deep grooves and holes in the mop, you can drain the water quickly and proceed with your cleaning. You can finish your homework much faster than before.

The Libman Mop has a steel handle with a hanger hole. You can easily store it in your laundry room or a hidden corner of your room when not used. It is an excellent mop for any surface including a ceramic tile surface.


  • Powerful wringer
  • Pads are washable and reusable for up to 50 times
  • Extra-wide microfiber strips
  • Hanger hole for easy storage

Libman 2030 Tornado Mop with Odor Resistance

You will want to read the Libman tornado mop review until finish if you’re going to keep your home clean and fresh daily. The Libman 2030 comes with a top-rated feature namely Odor resistance. The point taken is after cleaning the floor with the Libman 2030 Tornado mop, there will be no odor anymore because the polyester yarn has trapped the bacteria.

The Libman tornado mop is originally from the USA. Made by high-quality materials, this mop is sturdy, durable, and long-lasting. With such traits, you will not see it worn off anytime soon. The reliable quality of the mop can be seen from the precision and design of the model.

The Libman Tornado Mop comes with a grip n’ click ratchet mechanism that allows you to wring more water and make the wringing simpler and more comfortable. The Libman has earned the right design of this mop since it has a more massive mop head. The large head means more extensive areas to cover. The brand claims that the tornado mop can cover

50% more space than a conventional mop. With this feature alone, you can speed up your home cleaning task. Not to mention that the mop head is machine washable. You can reuse the mop head many times in the future. The model also features the polyester yarn that prevents the bacteria that can cause the odor. You will not only have a clean floor all the time but also smelling fresh.

This mop can work with many types of floors. Whether you have a big or small house, using this will help you save time and money.


  • Odor resistance
  • Grip n click ratchet mechanism
  • More massive mop head for larger areas
  • Reusable mop head

O-Cedar MicroTwist Microfiber Twist Mop

O-Cedar MicroTwist Microfiber Twist MopThe o cedar twist mop review might be the best solution for you if you have a spacious floor to overcome. This microfiber twist mop comes with the intuitive hands-free ratcheting action that gives you the flexibility to clean the floor without restraining. The microfiber twist mop is sufficient to clean up the dirt and dust in one go with no traces left behind. The microfiber head is made of the most beautiful material so that it is super absorbent and durable.

The MicroTwist has the feature that modern busy people need. Thanks to its twist-off feature, you can easily remove the microfiber mop head to replace with others or wash it. Each head’s age estimation is up to six months, although many users claimed to have had the mop head for over six months. That will depend on how you are using your o cedar twist mop.

O Cedar MicroTwist is a sophisticated mop that comes with the updated technology of MicroTwist Microfiber Twist Mop. The manufacturer does a great job of making the ultra-absorbent microfiber head. With this feature alone, you won’t need to repeat the process on the same floor. You could mop it thoroughly and leave it and proceed to another part of your home. With such a useful result, picking this for every floor in your home is a sensible choice. It deserves the top place in your best mop reviews wishlist.


  • Hands-free ratcheting
  • MicroTwist for easy mop head removal
  • Ultra-absorbent microfiber head

O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop with Telescopic Handle

O-Cedar Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop with Telescopic HandleConsider reading these o cedar flip mop reviews to find the mop for wet and dry cleaning. Most of the time, many homeowners waste their time switching from wet to dry washing. And they will need more than one tool to do that. Well, you no longer need complexity anymore. With the O Cedar flip mop, you can do the wet and dry cleaning in just one go. This flip mop core feature is the double-sided Chenille and Microfiber that is prevalent for damp and dry cleaning.

As for the mop head, it can rotate in 360 degrees so that you can access every corner of the room without any problem. There is also the dual-action microfiber flip mop which is machine washable. You can reuse the mop-up to 100 times, or more, depending on how you are using your mop. The mop’s dense blue chenille side is the dry solution. It is handy for picking dirt, dust, pet hair, and other elements. It also comes with scrubbing strips for deep cleaning. You can use it for removing the stubborn components on the floor. Dry dusting and dirt pickup are far more efficient with this feature. You can clean your floor without using chemicals. For the stubborn dirt, you could use the scrubbing strips to help you.Cleaning the hardwood floors will be much more comfortable with the help of this dust mop for hardwood floors.



  • Wet and dry cleaning
  • Double-sided microfiber and chenille
  • Rotate in 360 degree
  • A reusable mop for up to 100 times
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    What are the benefits of Libman 2030 Tornado Mop?

      MopPull - November 8, 2022

      followings are the best of Libman 2030 Tornado Mop
      Odor resistance
      Grip n click ratchet mechanism
      More massive mop head for larger areas
      Reusable mop head.

    Carni - December 14, 2022

    By doing this, you’ll prevent the entry of allergens and maintain a healthy environment in your house. In addition to washing the floor to keep it clean, you should take your shoes off before entering the house. This will keep your floors cleaner and stop dirt and germs from being tracked in on your shoes. You can leave your shoes in the mudroom or in your front entryway.

    JohnPaul - December 28, 2022

    Weekly mopping is necessary for high-traffic areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, corridors, and entryways. As long as they are vacuumed once every seven days, infrequently used spaces like formal living rooms or guest rooms can be mopped every two weeks or even once a month. Between cleaning sessions, floors can easily be touched up with an all-in-one mop. It will enable you to quickly clean up messes from the kitchen, pet, or footprints in the mud without having to bother bringing out a pail.


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